This project was undertaken whilst our director, Sean Stanley, was working as a project director at Terry Farrell & Partners in London.

We are experienced and skilled working on high-end commercial projects. We understand the commercial pressures of delivering to a programme and communicating progress on a regular basis.

We work collaboratively with our clients, other consultants and contractors to produce successful completed projects that we are proud of.

Landmark at Node

The site was located near to a prominent bend along City Road and this justified the positioning of a tower at this point. Towers, church spires and other tall buildings have traditionally, and still are, been one of the main ways that we navigate around our towns and cities.

Master Plan

Early master plan proposal for the site.

The central piazza is raised to allow a large retail store to be located at street level.

Central Piazza

View of raised central piazza with live-work units around the perimeter.

An Active Centre

Artist’s impression of the central piazza when all live-work units have been let.

3D Computer Modelling

3D computer modelling is a service available for all our clients if required.

We can visit you at your office and the project can then be viewed together from any angle, both inside and out.