We understand that a new home or alteration can be one of the largest personal investments you make, so we take the time to draw and specify all of the building components in order that contractors can provide an accurate breakdown of costs when they tender.

If the project scope of work is not drawn, co-ordinated and specified, the contractor will inevitably charge for the extra time, labour and materials required to deliver the project.

We are fully qualified Architects, rather than ‘architectural consultants’, and the difference becomes apparent as projects progress. Whilst cheaper initial design fees may be attractive at the outset, they often result in much higher construction costs – so it is always worth ensuring that the same level of information is being offered by other consultants when comparing quotes.

"Careful planning avoids surprises and saves money in the long run."

Our initial consultation is free and with no obligation on you to proceed further. You will find us to be honest and completely transparent with all costs associated with our work.