The New Vista

Left: a small side extension was added to the front allowing the hallway to be widened. The front door was repositioned to the front of the house resulting in this view. The staircase was also moved to the left. Right: view on approach to the rear open-plan kitchen area.

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The new kitchen / dining area is in an existing rear extension. A dividing wall was removed and the low flat ceiling opened up to reveal the sloping soffit of the pitched roof above. New rooflights were then inserted to allow more natural light into the space.

View from the Garden

Left: the rear of the existing extension was rendered to simplify the appearance and an existing kitchen window was replaced with a set of bi-folding doors. Right: view of the kitchen area from the garden.

The Kitchen

View of the new kitchen area from the dining space.

The Kitchen

Left: view of new kitchen with vertical designer radiators and pendant lighting. Right: same view with the rear doors fully open to the garden.

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View looking back from the kitchen towards the hallway and front door beyond.

The Existing Extension

This extension was very dated in appearance and by a few simple changes its appearance was transformed.

Context and Design

Left: View of the rear of the house before any changes were made. Right: proposed rear elevation.


Left: proposed ground floor plan. Right: proposed first floor plan.