Concept and Design

A 3D computer model was developed so that the proposed changes could be reviewed and understood. Left: rear view of existing house. Right: the conservatory is demolished and the part of the existing masonry rear wall removed.

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The red rectangle indicates removal of an existing internal wall to the ground floor hallway. The floor of the existing ground floor lounge (playroom) is then taken out and a new feature staircase installed leading down towards the garden from the entrance hall. The new kitchen area can be seen below with a glazed balcony above allowing views into the new double height extension from a new study.

Connecting the Inside and Outside

A new two-storey textured brick side wall is constructed and a flat roof is introduced with two skylights. A pitched roof would compete with the existing house and also result in a lower eaves and restricted views out from the ground floor above. A log burner has been provided and the dining area is defined. Further back a new high level side window provides natural daylight into the deeper area of the floor plan.

The Building Envelope

The new two-storey extension has been enclosed with a part curved two storey double glazed curtain wall incorporating large sliding doors providing access into the garden. To create a sense of proportion and intimacy a secondary ‘skin’ of vertical timber sections has then been added over the glazing at high level. This timber ‘veil’ allows views out but also provides solar shading to oblique sun rays during the day.


Left: photo of existing rear view from garden showing the conservatory to be demolished. Right: existing view from ground floor kitchen down to the rear garden with no direct access.

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3D computer model view of proposed view from upper level study looking down to new living environment at garden level. Vertical timber solar screen visible above with views between timber sections.

Interior Views

Left: proposed view towards rear garden from new lower ground floor kitchen. Right: proposed view of ceiling and high-level timber screen in extension.

The New Space

Proposed view of new internal space looking into home from rear sliding doors at garden level.


Existing and proposed ground floor plans.


Existing and proposed lower ground floor plans.


Existing and proposed rear elevation.