Our Approach

Stanley Architects design simple, elegant buildings and alterations with internal layouts driven by the functional relationships between their uses, whilst celebrating craftsmanship.

We listen to our clients and together we create unique and inspiring spaces whilst never losing sight of project budgets and timescales.

We are open-minded, lateral thinkers: thriving upon new challenges; seeking innovative solutions to problems; always striving to provide contemporary designs that are both elegant and functional.

At all times we will aim to understand and take on board your pressures and requirements, through regular meetings and conversations:- remaining an accessible and responsive point of contact throughout the duration of your project.

We will be the project Team Leader and assist you in appointing the other Design Team members. Our responsibility includes co-ordinating the Design Team to ensure your project is well resolved before it is tendered.

"We’ll take the time to listen to your vision and then deliver it."

For your project to be successful, all parties involved must work together. We are genuine team players, believing in clear and transparent communication. We are always available to talk through issues that arise and will provide sound, professional advice and imaginative solutions.

For Stanley Architects, the projects we collectively design are more than just functional buildings: they will be experienced by a wide range of people, ranging from colleagues who spend much of their working lives in them to visitors accessing facilities.

This understanding, this commitment to genuinely better working environments, is at the centre of everything that we do.