Left: existing house to be replaced. Right: new design.

"We understand and embrace the planning process – to our clients’ benefit."

The scale, form and massing of the property was carefully designed to fit comfortably within the surrounding context. A 3D computer model was used to develop the design and this was submitted with the planning application allowing a fast planning approval with limited Conditions. The new design is rectangular in plan with a 2m wide circulation area and lightwell positioned along the central axis, providing long vistas right through the property on every floor, ensuring a visual connection to the front and rear outside spaces at all times. Projecting bay windows provide window seats at ground floor. The roof is slate with a proprietary render system protecting the walls. To ensure privacy, vertical cedar cladding sections will be fitted 1m forward of the front entrance, creating a ‘veil’ that will allow daylight to entire whilst minimising views directly into the home from the street.

Existing Property

Left: front view from street. Right: rear garden view.

Natural Daylight and Vistas

This image shows a slice through the main double height entrance hallway and circulation areas in the property. Instead of a traditional chimney in the roof a skylight delivers natural daylight right down into the centre of the home. The site slopes down towards the rear with a change in level of about 1.6m. This informed the design and, by providing split levels at the rear, an additional floor has been provided for the master bedroom suite without needing to raise the main roof line above the existing house roof line, which could have been a reason for planning refusal.

Rear View

This view shows the three levels at the rear of the property. The central circulation and daylighting zone are expressed and an additional skylight is provided on this axis for the open-plan kitchen area at ground floor. Timber cladding to match the front elevation wraps around the large sliding door system to provide a soft, natural and durable finish.

3D Sections

Further cut sections of the house showing the stepped floor levels and feature staircase. The staircase has been designed in folded steel with timber open treads and glass handrails to allow views through the staircase from both ends of the house.

Planning Drawings

Proposed ground floor plan.

Planning Drawings

Split first and second floor plans.

Proposed Elevations

Proposed elevations drawn for the planning application.

Proposed Long Section

Detailed section drawing issued for construction purposes.

Proposed Short Sections

Detailed section drawings issued for construction purposes. Left: section through front double-height hallway. Right: section through main skylight and landing.

Detail through Rear Roof

Detailed construction drawing.

Detail through Front Roof

Detailed construction drawing.

Detail of Bay Window

Detailed construction drawing.